Passages Malibu Drug Rehabilitation

Passages Malibu is an exclusive and luxurious drug rehabilitation center that offers the absolute best holistic detoxification treatments available. Our specialized therapies will strengthen your life in the areas you need most, and an organic seaside environment will further promote and enhance the valuable lifelong lessons that you’ll learn from our professional team.

Whether this is your first attempt at recovering or if you have been left frustrated by other programs in the past, you’ll quickly find that we know what exactly what to do. Passages Malibu understands your struggle and commends you on decision to seek help. Fortunately, we are unlike any other rehabilitation you have encountered, which is precisely why our model works so well.

Only Passages Malibu can solve even the most difficult forms of addiction without having to resort to disparaging group therapies, harmful pharmaceuticals or negative stereotyping. Instead, our health experts use completely organic methods to foster a complete and total recovery that starts from within. In other words, we are prepared to develop a customized treatment program that combines a number of strategies in a way that most pertains to you as a person.

Even though the desire to recover can feel the same for many, no two cases are exactly alike. We recognize that you are a unique individual who must be treated as such. What does remain the same for all clients, however, is the luxurious amenities and spa-like experience they’ll encounter.

Our holistic solutions are designed to provide maximum results while also keeping you comfortable and in the best of spirits. If you feel ready to relax and release yourself from your addictions, then please contact us today!

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss

When Pax confessed to his father that he was addicted to a bevy of drugs, Chris Prentiss did everything he could think of to help his son. Ten years of 12-step programs, emergency room visits, and countless other conventional approaches, however, were not strong enough to break the grip that heroin, cocaine and alcohol had on Pax. It seemed hopeless, but the two refused to give up.

Only after extensively researching holistic methods were Chris and Pax Prentiss able to find any relief. After an experimental period of trial-and-error, the father-son team was finally able to customize a plan that worked for Pax.

Using what they’ve learned, Chris and Pax Prentiss went on to start Passages Malibu, a luxury drug rehabilitation center like no other. Now, after 15 years of clinical practice, Passages Malibu is ready to take the same methods that worked for Pax and formulate a plan that’s especially for you.