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Passages Malibu all started with the despair of one family. At the time, Chris Prentiss could not stop frantically worrying about his son, Pax, who had one day finally admitted to multiple drug addictions after ten years of keeping them a dark secret from his loved ones. The young man was hopelessly addicted to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and most recently, heroin. Nobody could have foreseen that these addictions would eventually serve as the catalyst for Malibu Passages, one of the best luxury rehabilitation centers in the world.

At the time, however, Chris simply knew that something had to be done about his son’s problems. Like any overwhelmed parent with a serious situation, he turned to trusted authority figures for help and guidance. Unfortunately, 12-step programs, emergency room visits and other conventional recovery methods were quick to belittle Pax, calling him an addict and telling him he had a disease. What kind of hope is there for someone under if they are to believe these perpetual labels?

After multiple programs all failed to keep Pax clean for very long, he and his father soon realized that they were not the ones to blame. Although Pax truly wanted to get off of drugs, they soon figured out that chanting mantras and going into group therapies is simply ineffective. With this in mind, the two began to seek a new approach.

After experimenting with a variety of holistic treatments, Pax was one day finally able to identify and come to terms with the true reasons that were driving him to constantly abuse drugs. Once these obstacles were resolved, Pax’s need to abuse substances went with it. Together, Chris and Pax learned that simply staying away from drugs is only half of the equation – you need to understand why you have developed this addiction in the first place for it to truly go away.

This simple revelation had removed a gigantic emotional burden from the two of them. Pax could finally stop feeling ashamed about why he was relapsing before, and the whole situation made a lot more sense to Chris as well. By adopting a new worldview that got to the source of his problems, Pax was able to unshoulder more than 10 years’ of self-imposed damage to his body and his mind. Meanwhile, Chris was just overjoyed to have his son back, but the two weren’t done yet.

In 2001, the father-and-son-duo become the co-founders of Passages Malibu, a special luxury addiction rehabilitation center which uses the very same holistic methods that enabled Pax to overcome his own chemical dependencies years ago. Within a short period of time, people were flying in from all over the world just for a chance to try these one-of-a-kind custom treatment programs for themselves.

More than 15 years later, you yourself are now reading this page and contemplating whether you should contact our admissions team. Well, just remember that it worked for Pax. It can work for you.

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