Passages Malibu Luxury Drug Rehab Center – “Change is Now.”

Passages Malibu knows that “drug rehab” can be a scary phrase, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you can recover from addiction while being immersed in complete and total luxury. Only Passages Malibu can provide the expert holistic drug rehab you need while also delivering world-class accommodations that will likewise exceed all of your expectations.

Drug rehab exists because many people cannot overcome their addictions on their own. This is why our luxury drug rehab center in Malibu is designed to not only detoxify you from all harmful substances, but also to motivate you with the tools you’ll need to stay sober and live healthy for the rest of your life. We’ve been helping people overcome addiction for 15 years, and we’re ready to create a positive outcome for you, too.

Our drug rehab facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations for serving people with the “highest level of care”. Furthermore, Forbes magazine has named our Malibu center as one of the “Most Luxurious Places” in the world to recover. If you are in need of a drug rehab center, an alcohol rehab center, a prescription drug rehab center, or a detoxification center, only Passages Malibu has the proven credentials to better serve you.

What You Can Expect from Passages Malibu

Personal Therapy Sessions – We feel that group therapy is simply not as effective as the one-on-one attention that our team of licensed professionals are willing to provide.

A Whole Crew for You – A variety of addiction specialists merge with an all-hours nursing team to care for you at all hours, every day.

Personal Freedom – Passages Malibu will never become a place that holds you back from expressing yourself. We encourage you to use technology, foster strong relationships with friends and family, and use our facilities to act on your creative urges whenever they may strike.

Holistic Approach – Our addiction experts will combine a variety of natural healing methods to nurture you back to health. From proper exercise and supplementation to spiritual and behavioral therapies, our methods are designed to ensure a smooth recovery.

What Luxury Amenities are at Passages Malibu?

Successful drug rehab means finding new ways to experience and enjoy your day-to-day life. To help you achieve this, only Passages Malibu has:

  • Ten acres of subtropical paradise across 5 different estates.
  • A spacious detox unit with an awe-inspiring oceanic view.
  • A private trainer for the tennis courts or at the gym.
  • Two luxurious swimming pools and a relaxing Jacuzzi to match.

Passages Malibu – Luxury Drug Rehab

When it comes to resolving addictions without comprising comfort, Passages Malibu is the premiere drug rehab center for you. Our drug rehab facilities have everything you need to stay relaxed and fully recover. Call us now for help.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab