Passages Malibu: A Unique Treatment Philosophy That Works

Most rehabilitation centers make the common mistake of viewing the problem of addiction as little more than a disease. This logic does not take into account the complex nature of addiction, which is far more than just simply a mental or physical desire to overindulge in drugs and alcohol. That is not to say that drugs and alcohol aren’t highly addictive in their own right. However, simply writing off clients as “addicts” ignores the deeper psychological implications that comes with addiction.

Passages Malibu recognizes that you are so much more than your addiction. You are not to be pitied, you are not to lectured, and you are not to be labeled – you are just simply meant to be helped in the most natural, holistic ways possible. Our team of knowledgeable health experts are ready to look at all of the elements behind your addiction, including your personal background and story, so that they can form the best solution.

This means that we are not afraid to provide you with spiritual and psychological counselors as well as traditional medical professionals who can help you fully detox. With our help, not only will you be rid of all toxic pollutants, but your mind will also be free and clear as well. This way, the desire to use drugs or alcohol is fully alleviated along with the chemical dependency.

If you are looking for a deep-cleansing that will leave you both physically and psychologically prepared to overcome addiction for good, then Passages Malibu is for you. What we are not, however, a 12-step group or any other equivalent of an addiction “crash course”. Our ultimate goal is to help you holistically reflect on who you are, what you are doing, and what you want to become – which, of course, includes being free from addiction.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

The Four Causes of Addiction

There is a total of four underlying conditions that not only cause an addiction to form, but also allows it to take control of your life and become unmanageable. If you are addicted, at least one of these circumstances must apply to you:

Chemical Imbalance
Unresolved events from the past
Inability to cope with current conditions
Beliefs you hold which are not true
Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab